Auntie Adobea

She is not afraid to speak her mind. Sage and very tactful, she loves her soon, but does not show any bias – objective to a fault.

She is old school, yet fashionable and adept at modern ways- advocate for the combination of old conservative wisdom and modern knowledge.

She takes her role as mother to Ama seriously. Thus, she can be used for counseling and advice – fountain of knowledge, wisdom and fortitude.

Her main crusade in the first season is to bring Kofi and Ama to agree to start a family, even as they grow their nascent business.

She has a habit of dropping in unannounced – a potential for conflict.

Married to a cocoa farmer, Kofi’s father, a very headstrong authoritarian, who had a falling out with Kofi because he married a Ga woman, against his advice, and would not stay and run his cocoa farm as planned.

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