Kofi Ganah

Kofi is a graduate from the University of Ghana Business School (Agricultural Economics major and MBA – Finance).

Having been brought up by his hardworking Mum, a School Teacher, who also used to sell at the market, he has a passion for SME’s and a knack for multitasking

– He used to spend his holidays selling at the market. Not only was he thrilled by the hustle and bustle, the haggling and negotiations, the highly competitive atmosphere, but also, he became acutely aware of the inhibitions and challenges of the informal sector. Yet, he heard enough stories to realize these women were the real bread winners in their homes.

Another frame of reference is his father, a cocoa farmer. Cocoa was said to be the major foreign exchange earner in Ghana, yet without the pickings from the market, life would have been hard indeed. He was privy to the complaints of his father and the other farmers, who had worked hard all their lives, yet never received the right recompense.

Thus, after completing his MBA, he decided to set up a business Advisory, targeting SME’s, to help them scale up, and hence bring everybody up. Kofi runs SOLUTIONS with his beautiful wife, Ama. He is very hardworking, streetwise and a loving husband.

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