In Ghana, most Small and Medium scale enterprises (SMEs) fall within the informal sector, employing up to 80% of the labor force. Out of this, the majority are employed in agribusiness. These SMEs need to be educated and oriented to grow and deepen their businesses.

Some of their challenges include:

  • Limited access to business development services
  • No business documentation or no business records
  • Lack of working capital
  • Access to financial services
  • Limited market information
  • Limited use of ICT to enhance business

The over-all goal of developing the Ghanaian economy can best be boosted, if the factors which hinder the SMES are removed. To do this, there must be mass education and sensitization of entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs in a continuous, sustainable, and user friendly manner.

Television and radio have ben been used worldwide to achieve this objective, especially in reaching the often dispersed and remotely located agribusiness community.

That is why we believe SOLUTIONS is opportune.

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